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<strong>GRP Composite Door<br>Diamond </strong>
GRP Composite Door

Price Includes Fitting and VAT This GRP Composite Door design (Diamond) is available in the following colours White, Red, Green, Blue, Black ..

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Peace of mind with a Rock Door
By choosing a Rockdoor for your home you are making a statement. A statement that says so much about you, your tastes, your life.Once you’ve had a Rockdoor installed in your home, you’ll never have to give it a second thought. Why? Because it’s totally secure, maintenance free, and lasts for a very long time indeed. How’s that for peace of mind! Rockdoor composite doors are a top quality product, admired and respected by many in the home improvement industry.

Every door is custom made for you
Our doors aren’t imported from abroad; they aren’t shaved down to size weakening the overall door, nor are they spray-painted. Rockdoor’s are made from scratch, reinforced to the hilt, to your exact requirements – to the millimetre in fact. No two Rockdoors are the same meaning your money buys you the best composite door on the market.

When only the best is good enough
This saying truly embodies what a Rockdoor is all about. Design, build quality, security and attention to detail blend together in spectacular fashion to produce a truly stunning door, a door which keeps you safe and secure.

Proven to perform
Having produced over 200,000 Rock Doors, we have come to learn a thing or two at Rockdoor about making the perfect door, a door we’re proud to put our name to. In fact combined with our sister company, we have produced close to 2,000,000 doors in the last decade.

Ultimate kerb appeal
Whatever your preference, the realistic wood grain effect and texture of all Rockdoors make them look like a stylish traditional timber door with the ultimate ‘kerb appeal’. It’s low maintenance too. Your Rock Door will never rot, warp or crack nor will it need painting. It can also hide minor scratches and is easy to clean. All in all, a Rockdoor is for the seriously style conscious. Its striking good looks are as much a talking point as a top of the range car. But a Rockdoor is not just all about aesthetics and luxury, it’s all about performance and style which adds considerable value to your home.

Remember, it’s not just any old door you’re coming home to, it’s your Rockdoor.
'Your home is your castle' is a saying familiar with most people; everyone wants to enjoy the comfort of their home in privacy and security. However, unless your home is secure, both front and back, by rock solid doors with an unbeatable reputation then it is only a matter of time until you become the victim. Many home owners don’t know how vulnerable they are until after they’ve been burgled, and even then don’t do anything about it, which often results in a repeat attack.
Timber doors are no longer suitable solutions in today’s modern environment as they are easy to break through, prone to warping and do not provide sufficient protection from the elements. At Rockdoor we go the extra mile to ensure that you don’t just buy a door, you buy peace of mind.
Rock Door Profile

RockDoor Security
  • Multi point locking systems, using incredibly strong Brass and Nickel hooks exclusive to Rockdoor
  • Secure steel drill plates which prevent the locks being drilled out
  • Cylinder guard protectors fitted as standard to prevent the lock from being snapped
  • Locking cylinders that prevent lock bumping
  • Outer frame just as secure as internal frame
  • Aluminium and polypropylene reinforcement used on both outer and inner frame.
  • Internal steel mesh making the door almost impossible to cut through. (optional)
Rock Door Cut Away

Multipoint Hook Locks

Rockdoor hook locks are manufactured using some of the strongest materials known to man. The hooks, made of solid Brass and coated in Nickel, engage into steel keeps running the full length of the outer frame to prevent the door from being prised open.If you're comparing a Rockdoor with another composite door on the market, make sure you take note of what lock is used.At Rockdoor we don't compromise with your security, you get the best locks to keep you safe and secure. Your safety and security is what our reputation is built upon.

Rockdoors - Anti Drill - Anti Pick - Anti Bump - Anti Snap = ANTI WORRY

Rock Doors Multipoint Locks

Anti Bumping Locks

What is bumping you may ask? Well, ‘bumping’ is a simple method of releasing a lock with minimal effort, using readily available tools and leaving no visible sign of attack.You’ll be glad to know Rockdoor has a cylinder lock especially designed to prevent bumping. All our locking cylinders come with anti-bumping properties as standard, meaning whenever you hear 'bumping' mentioned in the media you can rest assured your property is as safe as it gets.All Rockdoor locks are independently tested by the UK Locksmith Association, to ensure they meet the toughest industry standards.
Rock Doors Anti Bumping Locks

Secured By Design

To give you reassurance, Rockdoor manufactures in accordance with Secured by Design, a Police backed accreditation. Therefore you can be confident that Secured by Design Rockdoor’s leaving our state of the art production line meet with your local Bobbies approval.Secured by Design ensures products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with strict rigid guidelines, aimed at reducing crime in communities through product strength and security.


Rock Doors Secured by design

Door That Beat The Bobbies

When Lancashire Police had to forcibly enter a house through the front door with their rams and batons, it turned out to be an impossible task! Why? Well because, unknown to them, the door in question happened to be a Rockdoor. Even with some of the best equipment around the Police team were very impressed by the door, to say the least, with the Rockdoors unrivalled powers of resistance and all round strength. They had to abandon their operation and find an alternative method to gain entry to the house.

A smashing time at Rockdoor for Jack Straw

The UK's leading composite door also proved to be too strong for Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw MP. During his visit to Rockdoor, Mr Straw launched a sustained assault on a black Number 10-style Rockdoor. But despite his best efforts Mr Straw made little impact. Hardly surprising considering Rockdoor is a fully engineered PVC-U door system designed for strength and security.
Rock Door The Door That Beat The Bobbies

Rock Door Attack by Jack StrawRock Door Attack by Jack StrawRock Door Attack by Jack Straw

All Rock Door designs are available in the following colours.

Composite RockDoor Colour - Anthracite Grey Composite RockDoor Colour - Cream Composite RockDoor Colour - Emerald Green
Anthracite Grey Cream Emerald Green

Composite RockDoor Colour - Onyx Black Composite RockDoor Colour - Ruby Red Composite RockDoor Colour - Sapphire Blue
Onyx Black Ruby Red Sapphire Blue

Composite RockDoor Colour - White Composite RockDoor Colour - Mahogany Composite RockDoor Colour - Rosewood
White Mahogany Rosewood

  Composite RockDoor Colour - Light Oak  
  Light Oak  

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