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<strong>GRP Composite Door<br>2 Panel 2 Arch </strong>
GRP Composite Door
2 Panel 2 Arch

Price Includes Fitting and VAT This GRP Composite Door design (2 Panel 2 Arch) is available in the following colours White, Red, Green, Blue, Bl..

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was: 949.00
Including Installation

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Home » Rock Door Range » Composite Rock Door Georgia » Rock Door Georgia Mahogany

Composite-Rock Door 
Door Style - Georgia
Door Colour - Mahogany
Glass Style - Plain Glazed

Composite-Rock Door
Door Style - Georgia
Door Colour - Mahogany
Glass Style - Plain Glazed

List Price: 1,349.00
Price: 1,149.00


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Fitting and VAT
Included in the above price

Like all things in life, you get what you pay for. And with Rockdoor, you get the very best. If you're looking for a basic, inexpensive uPVC panel door, you may not want a Rockdoor.

Your Rockdoor is manufactured, tested and certified to the highest industry standards. Strong, safe, secure and reliable, Rockdoor is a quality premium product, greatly admired in the trade.

Make no mistake, we do not sell cheap doors!!
All our doors are top quality at seriously low prices.


Rock Door Colours
Included in the above price.
Coloured frames available at extra cost.

Rock Door
Anthracite Grey

Rock Door
Rock Door
Emerald Green
Rock Door
Onyx Black
Rock Door
Ruby Red
Composite Rock Door Colour - Anthracite Grey Composite Rock Door Colour - Cream Composite Rock Door Colour - Emerald Green Composite Rock Door Colour - Onyx Black Composite Rock Door Colour - Ruby Red
Rock Door
Sapphire Blue
Rock Door
Rock Door
Rock Door
Rock Door
Light Oak
Composite Rock Door Colour - Sapphire Blue   Composite Rock Door Colour - White   Composite Rock Door Colour - Mahogany   Composite Rock Door Colour - Rosewood   Composite Rock Door Colour - Light Oak
Online RockDoor Brochures
Please click on one of the brochures below to view or save the pdf RockDoor brochure

Online RockDoor Dmestic doors Brochu
Door Brochure

Online RockDoor Simplelite Brochu
Door Brochure

Online RockDoor French Doors Brochu
French Door
Door Brochure

Online RockDoor Fire Door Brochu
Fire Door
Door Brochure


RockDoor Security

Composite Rock Door Anti Bumping Locks
Composite Rock Door Multipoint Locks
Composite Rock Door Cutaway
Rock Door
Anti Bump Cylinders
Rock Door
Multipoint Locks
Rock Door
RockDoor cylinder guard
RockDoor frame security
ockDoor Hinges
Rock Door
Cylinder Guard
Rock Door
Rock Door
Adjustable Hinges

Rockdoors are designed to be one of the most secure composite doors on the market. Achieving PAS 23 & 24 as well as Secured by Design, Rockdoor ensures that your safety and high security are our number 1 priority.

Product Overview

    • Anti-crow bar steel reinforced protector strip for security and rigidity.
    • Aluminium reinforcement for outer and inner frame.
    • Full length multi point locking via dead bolt, latch and 2 or 4 hook bolts.
    • Anti bump lock cylinder barrel made from long life self lubricating alloys.
    • Concealed anti-drill plate inside handle.
    • High density polyurethane core, chemically bonded to outer skin means high thermal efficiency.
    • High performance security hinges tested to 250,000 open/close cycles.
    • Factory fitted toughened, double glazed units to BS Standard.
    • Easy access extra low threshold for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Hardware Options
Included in the above price

Hardware colour choices letterbox, handles and knocker.

  • Letter Box in Gold, Black, Chrome, Satin Chrome or Wrought Iron.
  • Urn Knocker in Gold, Black, Chrome, Satin Chrome or Wrought Iron.
  • Urn Knocker with spyhole in Gold, Black, Chrome, Satin Chrome or Wrought Iron.
  • Handles in Gold, Black, Chrome, Satin Chrome or Wrought Iron.
  • Choice of threshold full PVC, Slim PVC or low Aluminium

Obscure Glass Options
Included in the above price

choose a glass pattern for plain glazed doors or as a backing glass

Pilkington Glass Artic Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Chantilly Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Charcoal Sticks Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Contour obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Digital Obscure Glass
Charcoal Sticks
Pilkington Glass Everglade Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Flemish Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Florielle Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Glacier Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Honeycomb Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Misted Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Oak Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Pelerine Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Sandstone Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Sycamore Obscure Glass
Pilkington Glass Taffeta Obscure Glass
Pilkington Woodland Oak Obscure Glass
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